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How Toxic Are You?


Is your body a toxic waste dump?

This is a simple question guide that will tell us early warning signs for the need of cleansing impurities or toxin build up in our body.

  1. Do you often feel tired or fatigued?
  2. Do you feel dizzy, foggy-headed or having trouble concentrating?
  3. Do you use coffee, cigarettes, candy or soda to get “up”?
  4. Do you eat fast, fatty, processed or fried foods?
  5. Do your bowels move less than twice a day?
  6. Do you experience intestinal gas and bloating or constipation?
  7. Do you experience headaches or yeast difficulties?
  8. Do you live with or near air and water pollution?
  9. Do you experience general aches and pains or arthritis?
  10. Do you have food allergies, or skin problems?
  11. Do you experience frequent back pains or sinus problems?
  12. Are you often exposed to chemicals, sedatives, or stimulants?
  13. Do you rarely exercise or feel sluggish or overweight?
  14. Have you done a cleansing program before?

If you answered “Yes” to three or more of these questions, or “no” to the last question, it would be desirable for you to purify your system of toxins.



Quick Guide for Body Chemistry Imbalances

All Body Chemical Imbalances can be divided into one of two categories:

Deficiencies in the required ingredients for homeostatic cell function. In America, we are plenty over fed with cheap and synthetically made sugar, protein, and fats. After a while of your body ingesting food that is not nutritious, our body starts to show signs of break down.


Toxicities that drive cell function away from hormonal imbalances and bodies homeostasis. Many instant fast foods, cheap grocery box foods, and many more kinds of personal beauty care products are bombarded with chemical treatments. We are innocently treating our selves with all kinds of chemicals that eventually can harm your body by toxicities.


Cells always function perfectly in relation to any given environment. Symptoms like pain, nausea, and any other apparent health problems represent important signals from cells telling you that there is something wrong, that there is deficiency or toxicity, and that they are under stress. The cells never function pathologically or incorrectly, the environment is pathological or unhealthy! In order to function properly and produce healthy cells you must have all requirements met and be free of deficiencies or toxicity.

Hierarchy of Requirements:
  1. Properly Functioning Nervous System
  2. Fresh Air
  3. Water
  4. Good Foods
Good Food Choices to Make
  1. Organic, vine ripened local fruits and vegetables
  2. Grass fed, antibiotic free and hormone free meats
  3. Wash the non-organic produce-use a natural cleaner
  4. Eat raw fruits and vegetables


Toxic Food Choices to Avoid:
  1. Fried food (fries, donuts, chips, etc)toxins1
  2. Processed and Non fiber carbohydrates (flour, pasta, bread, etc)
  3. Grains (limited whole grains-wild rice and whole oats)
  4. Dairy (limited non-pasteurized dairy)
  5. Juices (limited very diluted)
  6. Caffeine
  7. Sprayed, early harvested fruits and vegetables
  8. Grain fed, antibiotic fed, hormone fed or smoked meats
  9. Non-filtered or non-distilled water
  10. Dried fruits
  11. Hydrogenated fatstoxin-toxout-logo_03
  12. Partially hydrogenated fat
  13. Trans fats
  14. Added Salts
  15. MSG
  16. Hydrolyzed protein (disguised MSG)
  17. Aspartame and other artificial sweetners
  18. High Fructose Corn Syrup


Remember about Processed Chemicals causes Imbalances in your Body Chemistry?


MSG is one of the notorious chemicals for causing many chemical imbalances thatresults to health problems.


Health dangers associated with MSG

Independent research has identified the following adverse reactions to MSG

* Headaches/migrainesmsg-red-cup

* Lethargy

* Sleepiness

* Anxiety

* Panic attacks

* Mental confusion/disorientation

* Insomnia

* Nausea/vomiting

* Diarrhea

* Stomach cramps

* Irritable bowel syndrome

* Bloating

* Asthma attacks

* Shortness of breath

* Chest pain or tightness

* Runny nose/sneezing

* Extreme dryness of the     mouth

* Hives or rash

* Palpitations

* Flushing

* Mouth lesions

MSG has been shown to cause lesions on the brain, especially in children. These lesions cause cognitive, endocrinological and emotional abnormalities. In children excess glutamate affects the growth cones on neurons. Growth cones are vital in laying down chemical pathways in the brain to enable the brain to operate effectively. Studies show that rats who had been fed MSG from birth could not escape mazes or discriminate between stimuli as well as non MSG fed rats. The implications for human children are that MSG could seriously affect their cognitive skills and cause learning difficulties.

Many Medical Practitioners recommend the following people avoid MSG;

* infants20120814tu-underground-health-reporter-10-worst-food-ingredients

* children

* pregnant women

* women of childbearing age

* obese people (animals given MSG became overweight)

* people with hypoglycemia (removing excess glutamate uses up more glucose)

* people with low brain energy (excess glutamate prevents glucose getting to the brain)

* people with learning difficulties (glutamate affects the growth cones in neurons)

* migraine or headache sufferers

* asthma or allergy sufferers

* sufferers of a brain disease such as Alzheimer’s

* sufferers of tinnitus or Meniere’s disease

* sufferers of most chronic illnesses

* people who are health conscious.

MSG is also Called…………


Sodium Caseinate

Textured Protein

Natural Flavoring

Yeast Food

Autolyzed Yeast

Hydrolyzed Protein

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Yeast Extract

Hydrolyzed Yeast

Natural Chicken or Turkey Flavoring

Modified Food Starch

It is impossible to Avoid these so…………..

Restrict Processed foods

Restrict “No FAT or Low FAT” named products. Eat Whole Fruits, Veggies, and sprouted grains.